Gallery 99 Returns

The M. Dolan Jr. building, temporary home to Gallery 99, Feb 2-4

Gallery 99 is a temporary art gallery set up in vacant spaces, selling art for $99 or less.  I developed this program last year for a non-profit arts group I was involved in, Art in the Public Eye ( as a way to raise funds for them through art sales commissions, provide exposure for artists (including myself), and further the business collaboration that is part of Art in the Public Eye’s mission.  The concept combines the current movement of utilizing empty storefronts, business locations for art space and the trend toward selling more affordable art that many artists have started exploring in response to the shifting economy.

The first Gallery 99 ran for 4 days in February 2010 in a wonderful streetside empty space in the newly renovated Empire Theatre building on South Street, Glens Falls, NY.  South Street is known locally as The Street of Dreams, consisting mainly of bars and nightspots ranging from the completely nasty and rough to the fashionably seedy.  And of course, South Street also is the home of the local OTB, perfect for the Street of Dreams.  Over the past year, South Street has been receiving a major overhaul; buildings being torn down, refurbished, sidewalks replaced, some new and different businesses moving in, all part of Glens Falls’ overall journey in growth.

This year’s Gallery 99 happens on the other end of the South Street Street of Dreams district, in another newly renovated ground floor location, formerly a shoe repair shop (M. Dolan Jr. building) The temporary exhibit runs from February 2 through 4, and all art is $99 or less. 15 artists  are participating, including myself, and I’m fortunate to have the same great group of people helping me put together this event.  Complimenting the exhibit will be a musical performance by the wonderful fun all-female a capella group The Skirts on opening night (Thursday, Feb. 2) and a talk by Mark Fleischer, Artistic Directory for the Adirondack Theatre Festival on Friday evening, Feb. 3.  I will provide more details on the exhibiting artists and performing artists in future blogs.

In the meantime, I’ve got 4 paintings to complete for the show, so it’s back to the studio I go.

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3 Responses to Gallery 99 Returns

  1. Lise says:

    How do artists get into the show? Wondering for the Pastel Society.

    • freehawkart says:

      Hey Lise-
      We filled up Gallery 99 about a month ago-this one wasn’t a call for entries like the last one in the summer, since there was only space for 15 artists. Thanks for checking though. -Diane

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