Filling the Empty Space

Waiting for the artists

Gallery 99, Art in the Public Eye’s temporary art gallery, opens on Thursday, with a reception from 5-8pm and runs through Saturday.  We are using a recently renovated empty ground floor location in the M. Dolan Jr. Building, 3 Broad St., Glens Falls, NY.

It’s an amazing and eclectic space-no square corners anywhere, according to Gary McCoola, the architect who owns it and has been painstakingly renovating the building.  I love the spirit of the place.  It was many things in its life, including a liquor business and shoe repair shop, and now it awaits it’s next incarnation.  In the meantime, we get to use it for Gallery 99 for a week.

Patrice and I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out in the space, taking in artists’ work.  Around 4:30pm, the sun colored the buildings across the street beautifully and cast a shadow like a painting on the wall.  The buildings across the street are a crazy and wonderful mixture of shapes and colors, not to mention functions.  I’m already planning a painting of that view.

Here's a painting waiting to happen

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2 Responses to Filling the Empty Space

  1. Patrice says:

    Great shots-
    Can’t wait till Thursday!

  2. Maria Wulf says:

    What a gorgeous space and photo. I think it’s a good sign. I’m excited

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