House Portraits

I paint house portraits on commission in watercolor, or watercolor embellished with pen & ink.  Prices range from $150 to $350 (plus shipping and handling), depending on size and complexity.  All paintings are single matted and backed.

House portraits beautifully encapsulate periods of our lives, where memories were made, evoking nostalgic warm moments.  They make great memorable gifts for family and friends, or work well as thank you gifts (realtors have ordered them for their clients after successful home purchases).

If you are interested in a house portrait, and would like a quote, please feel free to contact me via my site, and leave your email address, so I can give you further information.

watercolor painting embellished with pen & ink 8″ x 10″, matted to fit 9″ x 14″ frame

watercolor painting size 14″ x 20″ matted to fit 18″ x 24″ frame 


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