About Diane Swanson

Welcome to FreehawkArt, where I post my musings about art, creativity, and my own artistic journey.  I have the sense that these musings will develop organically, so expect some meandering into loosely related topics.  I have difficulty compartmentalizing all the roles I play or have played, so thoughts about motherhood, family, books and bookselling, arts organizing, cooking, may make appearances as well.

As a visual artist trained in illustration, most of my imagery is realistic and conveys some sort of story, either strongly obvious or delicately subtle.  Animals, depictions of the local landscape, and other subjects of nature are frequent motifs in my work. I paint primarily with watercolors, gouache, acrylics and pastel.

It is a joy for me to keep growing as an artist and to find new challenges in presenting my vision.


One Response to About Diane Swanson

  1. Connie Jones says:

    I would like to purchase the “Barn no longer there” can you tell me if it is still available and how I could purchase it? Thank you

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