Ten Little Empty Gold Wood Frames

Last year, at a tag sale, I came across a deal I couldn’t pass up.  A pile of 10 small gilded wood frames sat in a pile with a price tag of $10 for all on them.  It was late Saturday afternoon, and as I stood there contemplating whether I should get them or not, the owner offered to sell them all to me for one dollar total.  Needless to say, the debate whether to get them or not was over, and I took home my new purchase.  I figured I’d eventually use them for something.

They have been sitting in a neat little stack on my studio floor since then.  I know they would perfectly house a cohesive series of works, done in either oil or acrylic.  Their small size (8″ x 10″, with an image size of 5″ x 7″) particularly appeals to me, since I tend to work fairly small more often than medium or large, and my smaller works tend to sell more regularly. 

I keep pulling the frames out and looking them over, hoping for some inspirational visualization to strike, telling me what to paint for them.  There are little “Hecho en Mexico” tags on the backs of them, which somehow makes me glad that they were not made in China, as so much else is.  They are not garish, like some gold frames can be, and have a simple patterning around the edges.  I believe they are made of pine, which will make affixing the painting into them and wiring the back so much easier, working with the softer wood.  I love everything about them but continue to be stymied as to what to put in them.

For now, as I wait for some clever idea to surface, they will remain empty and sitting in a stack on my studio floor.  They don’t take up much room, but as symbols of artistic potential, they loom large in the creative spaces within me.

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One Response to Ten Little Empty Gold Wood Frames

  1. Maria Wulf says:

    Have faith Diane, the frames will reveal their purpose, like all those left over computer parts in your basement.

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