Adding to the Mix

I completed Childhood Memories, the second of a series of four Memory Boxes I’m creating for the Functional Art Show at the Pig Barn Gallery on Bedlam Farm.  This piece gave me the opportunity to learn how to solder, since its design created construction obstacles that would inhibit the use of glue or screws.  I visualized this piece to emulate popsicle stick boxes to go with the context of childhood and memories in the painting; the mountains, lake, flowering ornamental cherry tree and attached swing made of a computer resister and copper wire are combined to provide the setting.  Each element is a single aesthetic memory that overlaps and combines with other meaningful visual memories.  My dreams often involve the jumbling of many memories together; this piece works a little like that.

The Functional Art Show will show a wonderfully eclectic mix of work by 9 artists.  We’ll have felt work, textile art, pottery, glass, notecards, and more.  And I will be joyfully adding to the mix with my Memory Boxes and handpainted drawer pulls.  Visit for exhibit info.

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1 Response to Adding to the Mix

  1. maria wulf says:

    This is beautiful Diane, it really evokes the feeling of nostalgia. Some how the mix of the technical parts and this particular scene (is that a swing?) just say memory. Symbols of the future and the past.

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