Learning to Solder

In trying to find new ways to affix the computer components for my Fusion Art, I realized I would have to learn to solder.  The first few pieces I completed were mainly affixed with super glue, an ok solution, but not necessarily long-lasting or durable.  I then started drilling holes and screwing portions of the next few pieces together, a better method, but limited in aesthetics.  For the new memory boxes I’m creating for the upcoming Pig Barn Show at Bedlam Farm on Columbus Day Weekend, soldering the SIMMS together was a necessary step in forming the cube-like structures I was striving for.

Never having wildly succeeded in any shop class in middle school, my expertise with anything that lives downstairs on my husband’s work bench is severly limited.  Some of it is just plain intimidating, but most of it I’ve never needed to use, so I just don’t know how.  The soldering gun was one such item.  Under my husband’s patient direction, I have been adding to my repertoire of tool-working skills as the need for more knowledge in those areas arose, and now I can check off the soldering gun.

Maybe these Fusion Memory Boxes are a great new development in my Fusion Art series, maybe they’re just the next small step.  At the very least, I’ve learned something new, and that alone is a reward along this creative journey.

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