Conjuring up something new

The Functional Art Show at the Pig Barn Gallery, October 8 & 9, 11am-4pm, Bedlam Farm, Salem, NY

Back in June, I was asked to be part of a wonderful art exhibit at a lovely farm in upstate NY.  The Pig Barn Gallery Art Show, put together by fiber artist Maria Wulf ( in a beautifully renovated pig barn on Bedlam Farm, where she lives with her husband, author Jon Katz, was such a positive and uplifting experience for participants.  As an artist, I found it particularly successful in that I sold both a traditional watercolor and one of my fusion pieces, validating my hopes that both styles could appeal to the viewing public.

Maria asked me to participate in her second exhibit planned for the Pig Barn Gallery, telling me she planned to do a functional art show.  My first response was “Wow Maria, thanks!  I would love to be a part of that, but my art isn’t functional at all, what in the world am I going to exhibit?” She assured me that I would come up with something.

And so I struggled with thoughts and ideas all summer, until one evening, while I was in the process of procuring a little computer part for a project I was working on from my chief supplier (my husband), he pulled out a box of memory modules, hundreds of them, to look for the initial request.  Looking at those pretty little pieces of memory or SIMMS (which are no longer usable in that they hold only enough memory for maybe one image), I was struck with an obvious idea on hFall Rememberedow to use them to create functional Fusion Art: Memory Boxes.

Pictured here is the first of the Memory Box series, Fall Remembered.  The painting is in gouache, and the assembled box consists of SIMMS, copper joints, and plexi.

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